IBM RS6000 Memory, RS/6000 Memory

Memory for the IBM RS6000 Server line can be purchased as used IBM original memory or third-party or OEM IBM equivalent memory.


  • Vibrant Technologies - RS6000 Memory
    IBM RS/6000 Memory Reseller, Vibrant Technologies offers used IBM original memory upgrades and expertise.

  • DATARAM Memory
    Leading 3rd-party memory provider for IBM, HP and Sun.

  • Cambex Corporation
    Cambex offers high-performance SSA, Fibre Channel and SCSI RAID disk arrays, Fibre Channel host bus adapters, add-on memories and Storade Area Network integration services for RS/6000 users.

  • Clearpoint Enterprises, Inc.
    Clearpoint manufactures high quality memory products for servers and workstations at the lowest cost. All Clearpoint memory products carry a lifetime warranty against defects.